Case of the Stolen Keys to Tron: Legacy by TGV

Posted on December 13, 2010



Update: Ingat lagi pasal tiket free Tron dari Nuffnang? Si Tukang Tulis berterima kasih kerana Nuffnang telah memilih Si Tukang Tulis pergi tengok wayang. Terima Kasih sekali lagi. Jadi ada sesapa yang dapat tiket free gak? kalo berjodoh, jumpalah kita di TGV sunway piramid 15 hb nanti. hehehe 🙂

Kalo rajin lepas tengok nanti Si Tukang Tulis buat review macam Rapunzel dulu. Tapi tak janji pape 🙂

Jom Layan en3 yang berjaya mendapatkan tiket free untuk Si Tukang Tulis

In an old office of The Furdunesia@nline Detective Agency, a bulky man was sitting on his desk watching on his laptop screen when a secret message reach him from his videophone with a picture of…




He pick up the phone…
“Hello…Furdunesia@nline Detective Agency (FDA) here. May we help you?”

He heard a long distance voice came in from the phone…
“Hello, May I speak with Prof. Fareed?”

“You are speaking with him. Is there anything I could help?”

“We are from TGV Cinema and we need your help badly. We nee you to find our stolen keys to the Tron: Legacy by TGV.”

“Hohoho…another mystery to solve…can you brief me more about it?”

“Yes, we suspect that the keys was stolen in its drawer on a rack when the projectionist left the room to washroom on 15th November 2010. Our transporter was missing with the keys but we found strands of golden hair and a note written in blood”.

“Golden hairs and a notes written in blood you say?…what is the note all about?”

“We don’t know because only two words was written…’Tall’ and ‘Bright’…we think its te last message from the transporter”.

“Don’t worry. This may be link to an inside job. We will help you solve the Case of Stolen Keys to Tron: Legacy of TGV”

“We appreciate your help. ‘TGV Cinemas and partners are giving out A Private Screening Hall for any movie + a Panasonic 50” 3DTV and many other attractive prizes to the ones who manage to solve the case‘. We will make sure you get it if you capture the culprit behind this”.

“As you promise…you just have to think that the case is already solve by Furdunesia@nline Detective Agency”.

“Thank you Prof. Fareed. Remember, this is very classified and we want you to inform us through our Facebook page with this link,”

“You bet I do. I will inform my ‘minions’ to make sure they do the job right and directly inform you through the link.”

“Thank you then…I hope the best from your agency.”


And the adventure to another mystery begin…

The Case of The Stolen Keys to Tron: Legacy of TGV

The keys was found…
But it’s to early to end the mystery as the real mystery…
is just starting to get interesting in 16 December 2010!

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